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Welcome to my site!

Hello! And welcome to my site! I hope you’ve had a chance to look at my paintings. Art is subjective and different things speak to different people. When I look at my own work, I try to look at is as an observer. I like paint, the texture, the thickness or translucency, and brush strokes and looking into other worlds, the minute things an artists’ eye captures. What speaks to you?

I am ever learning and ever evolving. It can be frightening and intimidating but also exciting to see what comes out of the finished product when you try something new.

In your daily life, do you have tried and true routines? What do you do when you have new challenges to meet?

And creative blocks, boy! Do I get those! Sometimes, watching videos of the works of other artists is inspiring. I love the Impressionists. I would love to do some really loose style landscapes. It’s a little intimidating adapting that style to a portrait for me. Will the face be recognizable?

What gives you inspiration? What gets you “over the hump?”


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